Who is Kesavah?

Kesavah Belly Dance Classes in Nelson BC

Kesavah - Belly Dance Teacher

Kesavah completed her Teacher Training Level I with the world renowned, master teacher Hadia, in 2007. She has also from a variety of international teachers such as Rahma, Jasmille, Nath Keo, Aziza, and Queenie.

Kesavah teaches belly dance classes and workshops of all levels. She firmly believes that if you’re not having fun while she’s teaching, then she’s not doing her job!

Prepare to be amazed by her Shamadan, to grin along with her Saidi, and to laugh with her Fellahine fun!

Kesavah Belly Dance Performances in Nelson BC

Kesavah - Professional Belly Dance Performer

Kesavah started bellydancing back in 1994 and has been loving it ever since!

I had never done any kind of dancing at all when I was growing up, and actually considered myself to be a skinny, uncoordinated geek! I never would have dreamed that I could have turned out to be a “dancer” of any kind, but the music for BellyDance drew me in and I decided to be brave and give it a go. I’m so glad I did, otherwise I would have missed out on what has turned out to be one of the great passions of my life.

What does Kesavah mean?

Kesavah means: “Of The Beautiful Hair”
“I did a survey of my family & friends when I was searching for a dance name, and this one won hands down!

Needless to say, I can never cut my hair now…”

How To Say Kesavah: “keh-SAH-vah”

Kesavah Belly Dance Nelson BC

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