Who Belly Dances and Why?

A few recent conversations have brought belly dancing into a new perspective for me, particularly in how others view it. Turns out lots of people imagine belly dancing being only for the experienced dancer, someone exotic and mysterious and fabulous!

Well, I’m here to tell you that is definitely not the case! By doing belly dancing you will most likely end up feeling exotic, and perhaps mysterious, and most definitely fabulous, but that is a result as opposed to a requirement.

Regular Me

Let’s use me as an example:
I am a software developer by day, belly dancer by night!

The photo on the left is the regular ol’ me at work;
Just a regular gal, right?

But, when it’s time to Belly Dance…

Voila the photo on the right! Is that the same person?
Yep, I can guarantee that’s me.

Exotic? Sure, why not. Mysterious? Oh yes, if I decide to be. Fabulous? Of course!

Belly Dancing Me

So you see, even an uncoordinated geek like me can transform herself into a beautiful belly dancer. I didn’t even grow up in dance classes, I’ve taken one beginner adult ballet class only (and just about died!), no other dance background whatsoever. Anyone can do it!

In my classes I’ve had moms, students, lawyers, counsellors, artists, teachers, city councilwomen, you name it! I’ve even taught some men (yes, men do belly dance as well).

And they all came for different reasons:

  • I want to strengthen and stabilize my core without hard impact
  • I want to work out the kinks in my body and stay supple
  • The music just drew me in and I just can’t help but move
  • I want to add something exotic to my life
  • I want to boost my confidence level
  • I want to improve my posture
  • I’ve always wondered what it’s all about
  • I want to meet some new friends (I do this all the time when I move somewhere new, joining classes works like a charm!)

Maybe you’re wanting to go the good ol’ fashioned route and want to learn some moves to seduce your partner!

Yes that is the cover of an old record, I’ve even seen this record in some second hand stores, it’s the real deal!

How to Belly Dance for your Husband

Whoever you are, whatever your reasons are for thinking about trying belly dancing, you go for it! Don’t let any preconceived notions hold you back. I guarantee you’ll get a variety of benefits from it and you’ll have some good fun to boot.