Level II Belly Dance Classes in Nelson Starting January 2017

Level II Belly Dance classes in Nelson will be starting this coming January 2017, hooray!

A few ladies have asked me about having more classes, and I’ve recently met a few lovely ladies that have done bellydance classes in the past and are wanting to get back into it. The solution: a new Level II dance class in Nelson.

So you might be wondering, “How do I know which class is the best fit for me?

Level II can be for a variety of different folks:

  • You’ve done a few beginner classes already and want to dive into some more challenging techniques and combos and continue to expand your knowledge
  • You’re an old hat to belly dance and want to collaborate with a flock of like-minded chickies
  • You’re an experienced dancer that’s taken a hiatus for whatever reason, and now it’s time to get back into the groove

All of these would be the perfect fit for Level II.

On the other hand the Beginner class might be a great fit if:

  • You’ve never tried belly dancing before
  • You’ve taken a class or two a long, long time ago
  • You’ve taken a beginner class already and want to continue to solidify your basics

And don’t worry, if you do decide to take the leap from beginner and try out Level II and you find yourself thinking “Whoa! Holy smokes!”, you are more than welcome to switch over to the beginner class. And same in the other direction, if you take another beginner class and feel like you need more of a challenge, we’d be happy to have you join in Level II. Either way, we will find the class that you feel the most comfortable with and where you’re having the most fun!

Dance Class Nelson Belly Dance Level II

Want to give Belly Dance Classes a go?

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