Gift Certificates

Know someone who would like to try Belly Dancing?
Have a buddy that’s a little short on cash but loves to Belly Dance?
Want to encourage a buddy to do some Belly Dancing classes with you?

We’ve got the perfect gift: Belly Dancing Gift Certificates!

You can choose from a single drop in class, two drop in classes, or better yet an entire 10 week series.

It’s super easy to get started! First of all, have a look at the three different designs we have available for your gift certificate (you can click on each image to see a larger version):

Belly Dance Gift Certificate with Eyes in the background
Belly Dance Gift Certificate with Moving Hips in the backgroud
Belly Dancing Gift Certificate Plain

Now that you’ve decided on the best version for you, just fill in the form below, complete your payment, and we’ll send you your personalized gift certificate via email. Super easy!