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Dance Class Nelson BC

I would never have thought that belly dancing would be so much fun. Whether you have the ability to dance or not you just can’t beat this kinda fun!!!!!! I absolutely look forward to it every week. I would recommend getting a bunch of friends together to take this class and just let loose.


Taking Kesavah’s class was a blast. Expectations are realistic. Class content evolved at a reasonable pace. Kesavah was always light, fun, and entertaining. It’s important to note that she is also a skilled and experienced dancer who can take you as far in this as you want to go.


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Dance Class Nelson BC

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Thank you so much Kesavah, for making my birthday celebration extra special. Everyone loved your performance, and I can’t believe you got me up dancing! The little ones especially really enjoyed watching you and joining in, we all had a wonderful time, thank you.


60th Birthday Celebration

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Dance Nelson BC

I was very pleased that Kesavah went out of her way to offer a semi-private class to our group of women. The choreography she taught was perfect – it was easy for all of us to catch onto the new steps every week – and I think I can speak for all the women in our group and say how enjoyable it is to have Kesavah as our instructor and we all can’t wait to get started again!


Spice up your life, get fit, and have some fun!

BellyDance is a beautiful form of dance that has been beneficial to women for centuries.

Spice Up Your Life

✦ Explore the many varieties of BellyDance music, play with some fun props, dress up in fabulous costumes!  There are so many different styles of dance within “BellyDance” ~ try them all!

Get Fit

✦ If you’re like me and you have to be “tricked” into getting your exercise and get too bored just working out at the gym, then Belly Dance classes are the perfect fit for you! Lose yourself in centuries-old movements and your body will thank you.

Have Some Fun

✦ Socialize with your buddies and meet some new friends, spend a night out with the ladies, gain the satisfaction of learning a new skill!  You can’t help but have fun when you’re Belly Dancing!

I absolutely loved my beginners Kesavah BellyDance classes! I signed up by myself and felt comfortable enough to dance in front of others because everyone was at the same stage as I was. I also never felt left out because the class was a nice size.

Natascha L.

Kesavah is bright and very learned in her craft, she would answer any questions and didn’t mind if you learn a different way. All the classes were fun…she always makes us laugh!


Kesavah is a talented dancer, and instructor. Her BellyDance lessons were fun and easy to follow.

Belly Dance Classes in Nelson BC

Who is Kesavah?

Who the heck is this person and why would I want to join her belly dance classes?

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